I'm a 23' year old
Interactive Media Design Student
from Darmstadt, Germany
currently studying in Cork, Ireland
for the summer term.
I got a passion for travelling, music and the latest technologies.

  • Mar/13- Feb/14
    Deutsche Telekom/ Editorial Dep.
  • Sep/11- Mar/12
    Roche Diagnostics/ HR Website
  • Mar/09
    Roche Diagnostics/ IT Intern
  • Feb/08
    WOB Marketing AG/ Design Intern

As an interactive media designer I am working not only on applications for desktop and mobile. Getting my hands on interactive installations, wearables and tangible interfaces expands my work by some interesting and fun components. I'm a code & design hybrid that enjoys prototyping.

I'd like to give you an impression of my latest works. My involvements reached from research and conceptual work over design right up to prototyping.

Kaleidoskop - A system consisting of a wearable "Kaleido" and the iOS application "Skop" that provides a platform for reflecting life and supports the user to focus on the little valuable aspects of everyday life again. The wearable affords the opportunity to capture remarkable moments with just one touch. Data like venues, photos and videos, surrounding friends, ambient sounds, songs and such as weather and headlines of that day get packed and be visualized in an emotional way.
Capture / Relive
My involvements:
UX, UI, Prototyping Wearable, Research, Concept
Team: Sven Szota, Robin Riess, Dominik Lischka, David Baus

DadaBot is a fun interactive installation for modern museums that draws individual artwork with users. The Microsoft Kinect driven control provides a full body experience.
My involvements:
Processing based control, Arduino hardware setup
Team: Alexander Oemisch, David Baus

Switch is a Unity3d driven simulation that should lead users to a better understanding for sustainability in fishing industry. Users can experience how their actions directly cause environmental reactions by using different kinds of fishing equipment.
My involvements:
Research, Concept, UX, UI, Backend
Team: Uwe Martin, Marcel Patsch, David Baus
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